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Sunday, August 13, 2017

To Steal a Name

An unforgettable book with unforgettable characers. From the first page to the last page Roseanna White does not disappoint the reader with her latest book "A Name Unknown." Set in England in 1914, Rosemary Gresham is a thief. Her newest assignment is to determine if Peter Holstein is a traitor to England. With the ear of the King and a German heritage, many are questioning Peter's loyalty. Rosemary has stolen things but never a name. On top of the assignment her "brother" challenges her to steal a manor house. Peter Holstein is in need of help with his library to help clean up and sort books and personal papers. He hires Rosemary, who impersonates as a librarian, only to discover as time progresses he is attracted to her. While Rosemary is drawn to Peter she continues her search for documents about his loyalty and lineage and an answer to what he is typing. As for Peter, his faith remains steadfast during his trials and tribulations. A fast paced mystery and historical romance all wrapped up in one between two book covers! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Litfuse to give my honest opinion. She's out to steal his name-will he steal her heart instead? Win @RoseannaMWhite's new book @Bethany_House #contest Calling all historical fiction readers! Enter to win a copy of @RoseannaMWhite's new #book! #giveaway @Bethany_House

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