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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Truth Trumps

Shelley Shepard Gray has written another engaging book in the "Amish of Hart County" series entitled His Guilt. Mark Fisher does not come from your typical Amish family. Instead, he experiences neglect from his parents, witnesses his parent's alcohol abuse and suffers abuse from his father. He grows up trying to protect his younger brother, Calvin, but eventually Calvin moves away. Mark also moved away after being blamed for assulting a young woman but has returned to his old home and begun working for Mr. Lehmann at his gardening store. Waneta Cain is not sure about working with Mark at the store; his presence makes her uneasy. Time takes it course as a friendship develops between Mark and Waneta. That is until another woman is assulted, then all eyes in the community look at Mark. Now Waneta is not sure about her friendship with Mark. Who is the attacker? Is it Mark or his brother, Calvin? Will Waneta remain true to God and be a friend to Mark? You will need to read the book to discover the climatic ending to this book! I received this book free from Litfuse to review and give my honest opinion. Will Mark be able to find the attacker before Neeta becomes his next victim? Win @ShelleySGray's new #book! Want to win a copy of @ShelleySGray's new book? Five readers will win "His Guilt"! Enter here: #ChristFic #giveaway

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