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Friday, June 2, 2017

Ride of a Lifetime

After reading "Driver Confessional" you may rethink your next ride in a taxi or ride-share vehicle. Antonio is a ride-share driver working part-time to support his family and attend law school. As he listens to his travel companions during their ride in his vehicle, he will pray for them silently or with them if they so desire. Antonio has what you might call a traveling ministry. What he doesn't expect is that one of his riders would leave behind her briefcase after telling him she is concerned about the company she works for stating "I'm in a tricky situation...there could be permanent consequences for me" (p.9). Upon discovering the briefcase Antonio attempts to contact his female rider but to no avail so he googles her address and drives to her expensive house where he finds her dead. Lucky for Antonio, his brother, Rocco, is a cop. They both begin investigating the female rider's death in their own way. For Antonio it is listening to his riders' conversations and asking questions. This journey around Washington, DC in David Winters first book in a three part series. I found the writing style to be different and at times a bit slow but the underlying premise makes a great story. I received this complimentary copy from Litfuse to review and give my honest opinion. Visit Winters pin1

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