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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Too Many Secrets

  Shelley Shepard Gray presents a new book in the Amish genre, "Her Secret."
Hannah Hilty is young Amish woman who discovers an old Englisher boyfriend is stalking her. After receiving pictures in the mail, her family moves from Ohio to another Amish community in Kentucky to escape his presence. She lives in fear, not wanting to leave the safety of her family's house. Her brother and her sister are upset with having to leave their friends and family behind. There is animosity about the siblings.
 With much coaxing by Hannah's mother, Hannah eventually leaves the confines of the their house and goes on a walk where she happens upon her neighbor Issac. Described as a "deer in headlights," fear immobilizes her and she rushes back to safety. She is afraid that "the stalker" will find her, she can not trust anyone with her secret. But she is not the only one with a secret. Her sister and her mother also have their secrets.
  I really like Gray's past books and looked forward to reading this one. I was a little disappointed in the lack of depth in the characters of Hannah's parents or even more about the stalker. Overall, I enjoyed this quick read.
I received this complementary copy from LiftUse to review and give my honest opinion. Visit

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